COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Below are links to several helpful resources including:  activities for kids at home, how to cope with stress, tips for parents, resources for employees, etc.

Resources for Children:  learning, entertainment, etc.

  • Free Wifi through spectrum:

  • Drawing webinars: “Draw Everyday”

  • Keeping kids on a school schedule (preschool through 12th grade)

  • Free science lessons (kindergarten-5th grade)

  • Comic book downloadable activities

  • Cooking activities, recipes, quizzes

  • National geographic: games, videos, quizzes

  • Ideas for fun crafts to keep the kiddos occupied

  • Free audio & ebooks

  • Free audio & ebooks

  • Free downloadable books

  • Virtual museum tours

  • Virtual field trips

  • Educational activities by subject


General Resources for Parents

Resources for Mental Health

Resources for Employees