Summer is in full force! School is out and the sun is blaring which means now is a better time than ever for you to connect and make memories with your foster child. Do you know the best part of making summer memories that last a lifetime? You don’t have to spend truckloads of money to do so! SCYAP has you covered on a list of ideas we researched and prepared specifically for you. These memory-making ideas are not only inexpensive or even free (yes, FREE) but they will also help you make the most of every long summer day with your foster child.

  1. Go to a local berry farm. Talk about a sweet way (pun intended) to make memories!
  2. Find a drive-in movie theatre. They are popping up all over the place now!
  3. Miniature golf is always guaranteed to be good, even if your putting game is not.
  4. Go to the neighborhood or a local park. Be sure to go fairly early or later in the evening, a hot slide is not your friend!
  5. A sprinkler is your best friend! Hook that bad boy up and let the good times roll!
  6. Go camping! You can even set up camp in your backyard so the comforts of the modern world are still only a few steps away.
  7. Be creative with a scavenger hunt. Make a list of fun items to be “scavenged” around the house or even the neighborhood (if you’re feeling froggy).
  8. Keep minds active with trips to the library. Most libraries have reading days where kids can listen to and engage with fun storytellers.
  9. Have a smartphone? That’s almost a rhetorical question in 2018. Make some funny home videos!
  10. Volunteer! Volunteering is an amazing way to teach the importance of connecting and giving back to the community.

On your mark… get set… GO make those beautiful summertime memories! We would love to hear all about them.