In-Home Family Services

A combination of clinical and community-based services

In-Home Family Services are a combination of clinical and community-based services that come together to create an intensive and comprehensive program tailored to meet the needs of the youth and his or her family. Services are provided to families in their homes.

Services may include (but are not limited to) Behavioral Health Screening and/or Diagnostic Assessment, Service Plan Development, Individual and Family Therapy, Rehabilitative Psychosocial Services, Behavior Modification, Crisis Management, Family Support, and/or Transportation.

The specific programs/services selected for the family are the result of assessment and a planning process that involves the active participation of the family. The resulting plan of care identifies family strengths and needs, determines appropriate treatment modalities, interventions and services, identifies available community support and resources, and becomes the on-going guideline for service delivery. Services are primarily provided in the family’s home or community and may vary in intensity, application and duration depending on the needs of the family.

In-Home Family Services are intended to produce the following outcomes for youth and families:

  • Ensure the child’s safety and protection within his/her home environment.
  • Keep families together by preventing the unnecessary placement of the youth into the foster care system, juvenile justice system, or an out-of-home placement (such as a therapeutic foster home, group home, and/or residential treatment facility).
  • Prevent a youth who is at risk of coming in contact with or is already involved in the juvenile justice system from further penetration into the system.
  • Promote reunification of the child back in a family if the youth is in out-of-home placement.
  • Services are provided by highly trained, professional staff who provide services within a framework that is child-centered, family-focused, strength-based, culturally sensitive, and responsive to each youth and family’s needs. In-Home Family Services are available on a statewide basis.
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