Transportation Services

At SCYAP, we recognize the importance of having transportation services as part of a comprehensive array of services available to youth and families so that they might access treatment and other needed/required services and to allow families to work toward reunification.

SCYAP Transportation Services provide transportation to youth and their families for many different reasons, such as getting to and from therapy services, court hearings, family visits, and pre-placement interviews or visits.

We understand that the youth and families that we transport may be in vulnerable states. We are committed to ensuring that our drivers are professional, respectful and trained in verbal de-escalation techniques. At SCYAP, we are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation youth and families. Our goal is to provide a rapid response to all referrals and to complete all trips as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Transportation Services are provided throughout the state and out-of-state transportation can be arranged as needed.

**Transportation Services must be referred by a South Carolina government agency.